Systems Thinking Symposium

A Virtual Event Sponsored by Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Monday, June 26, 2023

8:00AM - 4:00PM EDT

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”
Albert Einstein

Systems thinking Habits and tools offer new ways of thinking to support learning and problem solving. Anne Arundel County Public Schools has been involved in applying systems thinking and is bringing together educators from around the county for one day to take a deep dive into systems thinking and to share ideas around four critical areas facing schools today: STEM education, School Leadership, Social Emotional Learning, and Early Childhood Learning.

Participants will leave with new ideas and actionable steps for applying systems thinking Habits and tools to create a more equitable future in their school district. Come be inspired as you join a community of educators committed to creating a more equitable future for their students.

The Equitable Futures Symposium will provide participants an opportunity to:

  • See how the Habits and tools of systems thinking contribute to
    • Creating equitable and inclusive conditions for teaching and learning
    • Developing a healthy school culture
    • Engaging staff, students, families and communities
    • Supporting the wellbeing of students and staff
    • Meeting the needs of diverse learners
    • Collaborating
    • Developing a shared vision, and plans for the future
  • Connect with other school leaders
  • Build their personal systems thinking capacity

Systems thinkers...

  • thrive in changing environments, as they have a keen understanding of the dynamic causal relationships among key parts of the system.
  • take a step back from planned actions to anticipate both intended and unintended consequences.
  • actively seek the perspectives of others and have strategies to utilize challenges as opportunities and productive disruption as a way forward.
  • develop a deep understanding of their school system that considers the mental models or mindsets of all stakeholders, including students.
  • utilize a thorough system understanding to identify areas of leverage that contribute to the achievement of desired outcomes.
  • apply the Habits of a Systems Thinker consistently in decision-making, problem-solving, facilitating, collaborating and communicating.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone interested in making schools great places for all students to learn and thrive
  • Individual registrations are welcome and we encourage you to grab some friends and come as a team. We know there will be some school teams in attendance.


A day full of hands-on, systems thinking learning

A New Book by our Leadership strand host, Peter Stiepleman

An Imperfect Leader: Leadership in (After) Action tells the story of a superintendent from his first days to the pandemic. In each chapter, he responds to a series of questions to prompt genuine reflection. This book is structured to give leaders the tools to become predictably successful leaders.

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